Lidia Chmel – resilience in times of crisis

In this episode with Lidia Chmel, we talked about the following:

  • Experiencing the Rusian vs Ukraine war as a Russian abroad was difficult.
  • She moved from Portugal to Israel because of the war.
  • Her parents live in Israel and as a jew, it was ‘easy’ to move to Israel
  • Then one year later the war in Israel started.
  • Taking action, and doing small things, helps you to get out of the negative emotional spiral.
  • Worrying about the things you can’t control is going to make you feel worse and the people around you.
  • Accepting your limitations, things you can’t control, and that things will happen.
  • Focus on the actions you can take and have joy in life.
  • Allowing yourself to have grief and sadness and in parallel don’t feel bad about the moments of joy.
  • Don’t put your life on pause.
  • Man’s search for meaningViktor Frankl.
  • Stoicism – The Stoics outlined that our own actions, thoughts, and reactions are within our control.
  • Find meaningful work – there are always people worse off than you.
  • We never know what small thing will change the path of civilization.
  • An earlier conversation with Lidia Chmel – Staying true to yourself
  • Hope and optimism are a big part of resilience.
  • Hope is a verb, similar to love.
  • Hope and love are like a fire, you need to bring resources to keep it going. Active hope. Doing.
  • The meaning of all the suffering is that we grow and that we teach.

Lidia helps driven women gain clarity and build habits so that they live a Deep Life – life in radical alignment with their values.

She is guiding women through life transitions and turbulent times so that they feel grounded and confident, and able to face current and future challenges.

You can find Lidia Chmel here:

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