Arshiya Kherani – How To Build Resilience as a leader

In this episode with Arshiya Kherani, we talked about the following:

  • Why she moved from Cleveland (OH) to New York City, and why her parents agreed.
  • Why she started in affordable housing.
  • Housing should be a basic human right and the connection of housing with other basic needs.
  • The difference between what she learned working at a company and in her own company.
  • The worst advice for a starting entrepreneur is to quit your job and go all in.
  • Resilience and craftiness go hand-in-hand.
  • Different to getting to be resilient vs having to be resilient.
  • The Kickstarter really was the start of the business.
  • Resilience is also putting yourself out there and getting rejected.
  • Resilience in a moment of crisis, for a Muslim, brown, woman in a white environment.
  • Showing up for your values as an entrepreneur.
  • Keeping work and politics separate is not possible.
  • Leadership skills are seen as soft skills.
  • The most friction in organizations happens because people do not speak the same language even though they want to accomplish the same thing.
  • You never know, what you don’t know.
  • Your feelings are data points, they are information.
  • Resilience is sitting with it and talking about it. Understand and dissect the discomfort.
  • Is using my voice also ruining my own livelihood, or is there a point in having a livelihood if I am not using my voice? Decisions we are taking as leaders of our own lives.

Arshiya partners with Founders, Executives, and Key Decision Makers to solve problems and lean into impactful leadership positions. With her guidance, leaders cultivate crucial skills such as goal and expectation setting, prioritization, crisis management, culture design, narrative reframing, and communication across demographics.

She always seeks the intersection of profit and purpose.

You can find Arshiya Kherani here:

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