To us, that means: Aligned. Collaborative. Resilient. Excellent. Responsible. Courageous. Committed.

We believe our world requires Better Humans to solve today’s challenges and keep us moving forward together. We want to be ready for whatever obstacles the world presents us next.

We’re here to provide the ideas, tools, and community to help you unlock your Better, so that together we can serve Better.

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Better Leaders

Conversations with coaches and leaders

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

- Maya Angelou

Our Pillars of Service


Curated to provide research and insights so you can identify your next steps

Our vast and growing collection of diverse, well-tested advice on every aspect of self-improvement. Serving nearly 400,000 weekly readers.

Diverse perspectives from the front-lines of programming and technology. Featuring insights, actionable advice, and in-depth tutorials.

Our weekly conversation featuring the best coaches and experts on habits, behavior change, and leadership.


Assembling the full range of resources for supporting change

Our pioneering habit tracker and accessible coaching platform — we invented the big check-in button and coaching via text messages.


Live and on-demand resources to support you in key moments and transition points. [FULL SCHEDULE COMING SOON]

Enterprise Coaching for Leadership Teams

Tailored programs to apply the core leadership skills that are proven to help teams thrive in a modern environment.



Connect virtually and in-person with like-minded folks from all around the world

Supporting leaders in learning through turbulent times - at work, home, and in our world.

Live Event - San Antonio, Texas - Oct/Nov 2024

Our inaugural live event. Exact schedule and location to be announced soon.

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Ready to move forward together?

Join for early insights and updates.