Sofia Mourato – Learn to enjoy conflict in the Workplace

In this episode with Sofia Mourato, we talked about the following:

  • 00:00 This job brings back good memories for Sofia and why
  • 03:45 She discovered that architecture has a lot of things in common with cinema
  • 05:30 Her favorite place
  • 06:15 Empathy practice through film
  • 08:45 Why she connected ecology and communication
  • 10:45 Growing if we nourish the soil that is already there.
  • 12:45 Communication works with interdependence, based on a feedback loop.
  • 13:45 Communicating with respect for ourselves and others.
  • 14:45 Communication that is based on our conditioning.
  • 18:00 A communication toolkit that brings you back to a language of connection.
  • 19:15 The simplicity of the Inner Development Goals framework as a simple model.
  • 24:00 Disconnection starts because there is a lot of power over instead of power with.
  • 24:30 Loving conflicts means that you are curious.
  • 26:45 Learning to enjoy the conflict.
  • 28:30 How to enjoy conflict
  • 29:45 The literacy of feelings and needs.
  • 31:30 Empathic listening brings softness to the body.
  • 36:45 How to enjoy somebody else’s pain.
  • 41:00 A short recap

The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a communication model developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg. Consists of four key steps:

  • Observation: Describe a situation without judgment.
  • Feelings: Express your emotions related to the situation using “I” statements.
  • Needs: Identify your unmet needs or values tied to your feelings.
  • Requests: Make clear, actionable requests to meet everyone’s needs.

Sofia Mourato, a Portuguese creative based in Amsterdam, has worn many hats – visual artist, designer, cultural curator, communication manager, to say a few.

In her current role as The Communication Ecologist, she brings a unique blend of artistic intuition and strategic acumen to the forefront. Inspired by the principles of the Non-Violent Communication model and the wisdom of Ecology, Sofia offers a scalable communication training that goes beyond the boardroom.

For Sofia, the quality of our communication shapes our relationships and work. She’s on a mission to turn disconnected workplaces into thriving ecosystems, where individuals can not only survive but thrive.

You can find Sofia Mourato here:

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