Tom van der Lubbe – Leadership and Self-organization

In this episode with Tom van der Lubbe, we talked about the following:

  • Viisi has a holacracy structure in their company – that is decentralized decision making
  • In teams, every team member is for half a year has leader role of the team.
  • All the roles are visible to everyone in the Glassfrog online tool
  • All the roles of Tom van der Lubbe for example can be found here.
  • People first (employees), clients second, and shareholders third.
  • Shareholders have an obligation to be the example and act first, for example in a downturn.
  • Radical transparency on all the information of the company.
  • Here you find the talk of Tom – Holacracy in times of crisis (video)
  • In a normal situation rotation over experience, in time of crisis, it is, experience over rotation.
  • Meetings are extremely efficient in a holacracy.
  • In a centralized decision-making structure, the role of the leader has been made too important.
  • Great Place to Work award – awarded four times in small business.
  • Leaders eat last – Simon Sinek
  • The golden rule – treating others as one would want to be treated by them
  • Our DNA is the we are altruistic, not egoistic.
  • Humankind – Rudger Bregman

Tom is the Co-Founder of Viisi NV, a Dutch financial service company that offers mortgage advice.

Viisi’s Purpose is to Change Finance. How?

We want to give better advice, focussed on the long-term responsibility. We think Finance should be less transactional and more relational and last but not least we want to transform the mortgage sector and make it more Sustainable (CO2 neutral).

Besides building Viisi, Tom also acts as an advisor to CxOs, mainly on topics of organizational design, purpose, and leadership.

Tom studied history, law and politics in Leiden in The Netherlands, at Sciences Po in Paris, and at the Free University in Berlin.

You can find Tom van der Lubbe here:

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