Sophie Legendre – embracing authenticity

In this episode with Sophie Legendre, we talked about the following:

  • 00:00 intro
  • 01:15 Working for the Canadian embassy, helping Canadian companies. ‘The easy way out.’
  • 04:15 The Theory U community and the IDG community for more questions.
  • 06:00 Being more human seems to be the best way out.
  • 08:00 The three steps in the U-theory are observation, stillness, and prototyping.
  • 09:55 Bringing softness to leadership, it’s a cycle.
  • 11:50 The big change that had to happen was the realization that they don’t control everything.
  • 14:45 The core of my quest.
  • 20:30 Skills for leaders and authenticity.
  • 26:00 Learning to accept that I did not know.
  • 32:15 Authenticity is about creating a little bit of a structure.
  • 32:50 The authenticity fear for the older and younger leaders.
  • 36:10 The culture of the company is the sum of the personality of the founders.

Note: At some point, Sophie’s dog got into the office and fell asleep. Starting at seven minutes into our conversation you can hear the dog breath in the background.

Sophie began her career as a manager in the Canadian government supervising teams both domestically and internationally. Shifting into a consultancy role, she provided support to large companies undergoing organizational changes. Along this journey, she has learned that real business transformation occurs when individuals within an organization are open to personal transformation.

She believes that every situation offers a chance for individuals to embrace authenticity, which plays a crucial role in creating real impact in an organization.

With a foundation in chemical engineering and an ongoing connection to the technology and innovation sector, Sophie comprehends the challenges inherent to these dynamic fields.

She remains convinced that anyone can find innovative solutions, uniquely adapted to their reality.

Resources we mentioned:

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