How do you help your team to become better humans in 2024

In this first Better Leaders LinkedIn Live of 2024, Erno will answer your questions on how to become a better leader and how you can help your team members become better humans.

In this episode, Erno is answering questions from leaders:

  • 00:00 Intro Better Leaders community
  • 02:00 Definition of Better Leaders
  • 03:30 Where do I find more time? Where do I find time for the long-term projects?- The rule of three, focus block, and a blank sheet of paper.
  • 15:10 How do we talk about the difficult topics? Ask better questions.
  • 19:30 How do I help my team members to innovate, come up with new ideas, and take initiative?
  • 24:55 How do we navigate these uncertain times? Inner development.
  • 30:05 How do we stimulate bottom-up initiatives and get them to the next level? Manage up.
  • 31:35 How do you keep team members part of your team? Inner development. Challenging work. S-curve.

Mythreewords for 2024:

  • inner development,
  • inequality, and
  • conversations.

What are your three words for 2024?


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