Egbert Mulder – Circular leadership with the overview effect

In this episode with Egbert Mulder, we talked about the following:

  • 00:00 intro
  • 01:50 Using the experience to inspire leaders to redesign their organisation
  • 02:25 The overview effectFrank White
  • 03:35 We came for the moon, but we discovered the earth.
  • 04:40 Earthrise explanation
  • 06:05 Planetary Awareness explanation
  • 07:15 From Earth gazing around 70-80% of the astronauts that return to Earth become eco-activists.
  • 09:15 The virtual journey begins at the back of the moon and then you travel towards earth.
  • 09:50 To develop a compassionate relationship with Earth.
  • 10:35 Action starts with awareness.
  • 10:55 Kate RaworthDoughnut economy – “You can only understand the system when you are outside the system”
  • 15:30 The astronauts came back as different people, transformed by being in space.
  • 19:20 What is happening with life on earth, and why is it happening?
  • 20:00 It’s not about saving the planet, it is about saving humanity.
  • 23:25 There is only one earth, there are no borders.
  • 24:15 We are all astronauts on spaceship Earth – Wubbo Ockels
  • 24: 35 You feel connected to the universe – nondualism
  • 27:55 Inner Development Goals (IDGs)
  • 28:10 Promoting a circular economy because we live on a finite planet.
  • 29:05 The development of leadership is a circle:
    1. Awareness (insights, feeling, and knowing)
    2. Mission (purpose, goals)
    3. Competences (IDGs)
  • 32:25 We have to act, and make it less bad. We have already surpassed some tipping points.
  • 35:20 How and where can you experience overview effect in the workshop?
  • 36:00 Looking for partners for the workshops.

Egbert Mulder studied Social Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands, and Sydney, Australia, and is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several companies in the fields of marketing, leisure, and leadership. Egbert is an author and consultant in the field of sustainability and leadership and as a keynote speaker, he regularly appears worldwide at conferences on sustainable leadership and circular and regenerative economy.

In 2014 Egbert started CIRCULAR LEADERSHIP to support leaders and organizations in creating a liveable and sustainable future. The VR Workshop EARTH FROM SPACE ® is a unique, innovative and effective way to make a powerful contribution to accelerating system change towards a circular and regenerative economy through the so-called Overview Effect. The Overview Effect is what astronauts experience when they look at the Earth from Space and that is the reason that many astronauts become eco activists.

You can find Egbert Mulder here:

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